Imagining the end-to-end customer experience for an environmental non-profit
Lost forests
cast a spell
Omkaara - the environmental non-profit was born from two simple questions: could we restore degraded landscapes, and can we bring back native biodiversity. We built on these thoughts to craft “Lost Forests” as the strategic narrative that would appeal to people passionate about restoring lost forests, and bringing back native biodiversity.
Branding an environmental non-profit
Omkaara - the brand name has its roots in the story of the soil, where OM stands for ‘organic matter’, and Kaara means ‘the finger of god’ in the African language. Omkaara represents individuals who care for planet earth’s biodiversity, and are planting native trees to restore lost forests.
End-to-end customer experience
We designed and developed the end-to-end donation experience for The platform promote tree planting projects and accepts tree donations, offers 100% transparency of where the donations are invested, and publishes the impact each project delivers. 🌳
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